Nexus concept

The Nexus concept: furniture of the future

The Nexus concept: Furniture of the Future

Nexus is a revolutionary modular cabinet system that embodies modern ideals of sustainability and adaptability. Crafted with curved composite parts, it creates mesmerizing patterns and an airy appearance, fitting effortlessly into any room and evolving with changing needs.

Ties de Vos designed this innovative furniture piece for his graduation project, driven by a vision of sustainability. However, upon evaluation, He realized that the sustainability goals were not fully achieved. Undeterred, Ties went back to the drawing table to refine the design for the production version.

During the design evaluation, three critical challenges surfaced: excessive material waste in node production, energy-intensive thermoforming, and lack of portability impacting shipping CO2 emissions. Ties optimized the design for enhanced portability, making it eco-friendly and user-friendly.

Crafting the entire Nexus design with a 12mm sheet material, Ties strategically ensured compatibility with future editions. The forward-thinking approach guarantees seamless integration of more economical and sustainable materials, solidifying Nexus’s position as the furniture of the future.

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